Grand Kids Rally/Corn Festival /Buddy Rally/Fly-in

A pair of early BiplanesWaiting for the parade.PinataThe gangPowered Hang Glider

Fifteen Airstream couples, plus two sets of buddies, came out to enjoy the weekend. There were about a dozen grandkids, to keep things hopping. On Saturday morning, we drove down to the Mendota Corn festival and toured the large craft fair and watched the Youth parade. The weather was warm, but there was a nice breeze to cool you while we conversed under the trees at the Lee County 4H Fairgrounds. Later that afternoon, the kids took turns swinging at the fish pinata. Sunday morning, we convoyed to the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In breakfast. Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, and ham. We reviewed the flight line, including many interesting types of flying machines. Above, Mike Rita and his wife, Christine, check out a powered hang glider ultralight.  A couple of the kids were treated by their grandparents to a helicopter ride to view the Corn Festival from on high. I am sure it will be a lifelong remembrance for them.

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