Recall of Tire Valves – Beware

Six million Dill Air Control Products (Chinese made by one co-owned plant) rubber tire valves have been recalled but they have no idea where the valves are. The rubber compound did not contain the proper ozone resistant ingredient and fail when cracks form, allowing the tires to sometimes deflate rapidly. There are no easily identified manufacturer’s marks or lot numbers on the visible outside of the valve, so all you can do is look for the start of smaller cracks on the outside of the valve, usually close to the base of the valve. (The manufacturer’s name can only be seen, if the tire is taken off the wheel.) If you see cracks, or have a tire which loses air repeatedly, replace the valves immediately. At a slightly higher cost, some people are recommending that we use the metal valve stems for our high pressure trailer tires. Update: Per the feds, ┬áThere may be up to 30,000,000 defective valve stems out there.

We had two valve failures, and resultant blowouts, on our Arizona trip in 2015. We replaced all 6 tires and valve stems.

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