March 7th Luncheon at White Pines State Park

Seventeen die-hard members came through driving rains to attend. Small group conversations centered about the upcoming camping season, the state of the economy, and how it is affecting the RV industry. Monaco, the country’s 4th largest RV manufacturer, declared bankruptcy this week. Fleetwood pulled out of the making travel trailers 3/12/09. This month, the Blue Beret reported Airstream lost 5 dealerships. Thor loaned Camping World $10 million and now some Camping World’s will be approved by Airstream to do some repairs.

Picturesque White Pines Lodge and Log Cabin Village were built as a CCC project during the last great 30’s depression. Torrents of water, causing rapids in the river ford near the park entrance, prevented us from exploring most of the park.

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