Family Rally -Thomson Causway, Thomson, IL August 7 – 9th

Thomson hot dog roast
This weekend was another one of extremes. We had 11 units come and go at various times. Most of the people that had endured the Kieler experience were there. Thursday night till Friday morning at 10:00AM we had 2.5 inches of rain in the campground. When the Sun came out on Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures soared to 98 degrees with humidity to match, because of the all the evaporating water sitting in the campground. Those with air conditioners were running them full blast.

Whites had 5 grand kids, of various ages, packed into their trailer. Kraners had brought their inflatable powered Zodiac boat to do a little fishing with their grandson. Kochs brought 2 grandsons. Dwight brought his kayak, while Monique Clark and Warren Dutton waded out to reach the deeper waters to do a little bass fishing. The Clarks and and many of the kids enjoyed biking in the park.

Houzengas bought 120 ears of excellent locally grown sweet corn and Dwight did his corn thing twice with a turkey fryer. Bob Whitesell had up to four ears at each setting. Friday’s wiener roast over an open fire produced some good eating. All the ladies out did themselves, providing mountains of food for the big Saturday evening Pot Luck feast. After the Saturday meal, president elect, Carol Dixon, brought us up to date on work she has been doing for the upcoming events. Due to the heat, the movie was canceled.

Many of our survivors from Kieler have made initial contacts with their insurance companies and are still in the process of deciding what to do after their initial emergency repairs. Dwight replaced the windows in their ’63 and bought some equipment to experiment with trying to minimize the largest of the Kielers. For those with nothing to lose, Dwight showed how some of the dents could be minimized with a little work. Some of the largest ones were helped with the aid of a suction cup. Some of the smaller, but deeper, ones required the use of the “Ding King” hot melt adhesive and puller frame. Dwight worked a little magic on Whitesell’s, Dutton’s, and Jamison’s trailers. Timeless Travel Trailers, of Colorado, says that 70% of the hail damaged trailers they quote never get repaired, after the owners accept damage payments from their insurance companies. Many of our members, with more “seasoned” units, are likely to do the same.

Here is the link to the August- September newsletter click here.

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