Labor Day “Indiana Oasis” Rally Sept. 4- 7th

Eighteen of us ( 8 trailers & 1 bvan) met at the Goyke’s Oasis. The weather was perfect. Highlights included: food (cooked over an open fire with a tripod), croquet, and fireside chats. We saw a 72 cow carousel at the Fair Oaks farm, where 2,800 cows are milked 3X per day. Everyone who went saw a live birth. The Kochs got to see a twin birth. We also saw a 3D movie and got some delicious ice cream.

The corn festival was on in Hoopeston. It’s a steam engine operation with all the “Bells and Whistles”. A fantastic dinner was available a little further down the roast at “The Beef House”.

The Earl Park Fair is celebrated each year during the week before Labor Day. Since she had no children, when a wealthy inhabitant died she left her substantial property to the city,as long as it was to be used a park for the people.

Our video projector was put to good use. We saw “Welcome to Mooseport” on the side of White’s trailer and on the next we saw, “North by Northwest”, in “wide screen”, on Mayo’s new trailer.

A good time was had by all. A lucky few got to see the latest 4 week old kittens. Mama cat objected strongly. There are 11 cats at Goyke’s, but no mice. Reported by Anita Koch

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