WBCCI Northern Illinois Unit launches new website!

The Wally Byam Caravan Club International – (The Airstream RV Owner’s Association), in 2007 launched a set of new home addresses on the internet for the use of the individual units and IntraClubs.  The addresses are under the WBCCI.net headline. The Northern Illinois site is Northernillinois.wbcci.net. (but you already know that if you are here).   The  (WBCCI.net) sites will be maintained internally and by the units and their webmasters.  Several of the interclubs and standing committees also maintain sites at these wbcci.net addresses.

WBCCI relaunched a new International WBCCI.org website in June of 2012.  At that time, the site was moved from an outside contractor and is now maintained by the HQ staff and a group of volunteers (ECC) from the membership.   The ECC technically supports and maintains the infrastructure of the .net sites, but the individual .net sites are maintained by the responsible unit , Interclub, or caravan webmasters.

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