Theme Rally – Illinois Beach St. Park – May 16-18

Weather was great, except for a little shower Saturday evening. Cooking out the Lewis and Clark Way” with Dutch Ovens, really worked out well, thanks to our excellent chefs, Dolores Mayo, Sandy Whitesell, and Sharon White. Main courses Friday night were: a chilli dish with a cayenne kick (It had a biscuit topping.), a Manwich type beef (also with a biscuit topping) and Chicken and dumplings Stew. Dwight bought and cooked the sweet corn. Everything was great.

Saturday morning featured two layered dishes of diced potatos (one was with onions and green peppers) on the bottom, a layer of scrambled eggs in the middle and a melted cheese topping. We also had cinnamon rolls baked in the Dutch ovens.

Saturday afternoon the guys helped Dave Mayo install a slightly used Hensely hitch on his trailer. There were a lot of supervisors and photographers and a few people who actually worked. It all came out well.

Saturday evening we dined at the Resort Lodge. Those who ordered the pizza or the Yankee stew were well pleased. Sunday morning our chefs made a Dutch oven Blueberry Cobbler.

Between all the cooking, we walked the beach and nature trails and had several campfires.

Ten trailers participated and four members stopped by to visit us Saturday afternoon. Harry Cramond stopped by with his Ecstasy three wheel motorcyle powered by a hopped up small block Chevy V-8. It looked strong enough to pull an Airstream but he did not have one in tow.

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