INTERNATIONAL RALLY @ GILLETTE, WY It was a good convention/rally and the CAM-PLEX facilities served us well, even if the attendance was a little low at 714 rigs. Northern Illinois members attending were:Cristy’s, Dixon’s, Koch’s, B. Nester, Stirneman’s, Stuart’s and Withey’s.
Gillette is on a high dry plain and the wind blows continuously. Afternoon temperatures were in the 80’s and 90’s but cooled down to as low as the 50’s at night. We did have one heavy rain and wind storm on June 22nd. Gillette is a surface mining coal town in the middle of a boom. If you do not work at the mines, you likely support those who do. Wyoming was smart in retaining all mineral rights and therefore, the companies have to pay the state for every pound they dig up. There is 150 feet of overburden to remove and that reveals a low sulfur coal 100 foot deep seam, which is under much of the state in this area. Because of all the money coming in from the mines, they do not have any state tax, except a five cent sales tax.
We arrived on June 22nd after touring the Badlands National Park, SD and Devils Tower National Monument, WY. We went to the Donkey Creek Jazz Festival in Gillette and swam in their new Campbell County Recreation Center, a 64 million dollar water park/pool/sports complex. Many members took the tours of the surrounding area.
President, Carol Dixon won a second place banner in the originality category for her Northern Illinois Unit bulletin board. She also portrayed an Indian in the skit promoting next year’s International Rally in Du Quoin, IL.
Bonnie Nester will serve as Parliamentarian for Region 5. Norma Stuart, Ken Stirneman and 13 year old grandson, David Krabbenhoft, played in the WBCCI Band. Linda Stirneman worked in the message center, while Roy Stuart did cargo. Anita Koch made five hats and Ruelene Aarup knitted 150 hats in the past two years, which were included in the 1,576 total count. Many members donated pull tabs, food and other donations for Community Service. Mary Lou Cristy was a second place winner in Pinochle.
At the two IBT meetings many proposals were discussed but they did not change the Bylaws significantly. Thor proposed they could rebadge a Thor motor home as a WBCCI or Airstream edition, if WBCCI would approve it for membership. It would not be made, sold or serviced by the Airstream Division. A committee was set up to study the proposal again. This could lead to the IBT, at their Jan. 2011 meeting, asking for a Constitutional change again to approve membership of motor homes not made by Airstream. At the Gillette rally, the Delegates’ meeting did not have any Constitutional changes before them. The delegates voted into office all candidates proposed by the nominating committee. There were 1,200 votes cast for an opposition candidate, Mike Garvey, for the nominating committee, but that was not enough to elect him. .

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