Region 5 Rally in DuQuoin Sept. 14 -18th

Region 5 President Louise Humble had an interesting western theme for her rally. They built a western “shoot out” saloon in the friendship area and the big hall was decorated with a large Airstream sculpture coming out of a target. Nightly entertainment was lively and was well received. Fourteen Northern Illinois memberships attended the rally. Weather was very good and we had 84 units from Regions 5, 8, 9, and 7 in attendance. International President, Norm Bue and his wife attended. Dwight gave a presentation on Tuesday at the computerfest about communications methods used by all levels within the club to communicate to our members. It highlighted the usage of computers, internet, websites, phone trees, as well as hard copy newsletters, to reach all members in a timely and cost effective manner. The presentation started with the newer methods in use by Northern Illinois generate the website and the newsletters. It also included new person to person communications methods using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) techniques and the new services being introduced by various competitors. It was well received. Reprints of the handouts are available on request.

We had good food, local tours, and entertainment. A variety of games and competitions were held. Backing up a trailer (kid’s wagon) through an obstacle course, while blindfolded and being instructed my their mate, demonstrated the mutual understanding and trust between the pairs.

Link to September 2010 Newsletter click here

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