International – Gillette, WY – June 26 -July 4

The total count for Gillette was 349 units.  Peter Schwarz carried the Northern Illinois, by carrying our flag.  Three NIU couples and one guest {our daughter) attended the rally.  There were 21 – 23 units from Region 5.  Region 5 had a dinner at the MUFA CAFE and a 4th of July picnic at the Energy Bldg,  At the Region dinner, Monte Barksdale, our new Region 5 Pres. (dressed as Abe Lincoln), invited everyone to the Region Rally in September.  NIU arranged a luncheon at OLD CHICAGO.  Norma Stuart ably played the oboe for the WBCCI Orchestra.  Roy Stuart worked on the Property Committee.  Bob Koch was our delegate.  There was a Video Recording of the event and WBCCI.   Anita Koch was interviewed at the Flea Market, while selling her colorful round dishcloths.  The Country Line Dancers performed like “Flash Dancers” the night of the “Meet Your International Officers”.  We think our new International Pres., Joe Perryman, will be a good Pres., providing the club backs him up.  Next year’s International will be in Farmington, New Mexico. – Bob Koch   


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