Mississippi Palisade St. Pk.- Savanna – Aug. 22-24th


Six NIU couples attended the rally. Five “buddies”, including two Airstreams, attended.  Friday afternoon the weather was threatening. Saturday morning, during a thunderstorm, a large pine, high on the bluff high above the campsite, exploded, when hit by lightning.  It was an interesting failure analysis.  During the day, individual couples found a variety of local activities  to stay out of the rain.  The weather cleared in time for our pot luck dinner and Saturday night movie,” The Long Long Trailer”.   The sun came out Sunday morning and dried our awnings, so we could roll them up for our trips home.  It is a nice scenic state park with many places to visit within 20 miles.

The Sauk Valley Daily Gazette reported: June 30th,  three year old Amboy child  was electrocuted, when he touched his family’s Airstream.  Here is the link:  Click Here  Report of same incident on RV Travel.com:  Click here

This occurred at the boy’s home (not the fairground).  They are not members of the Northern Illinois Unit.  Further information has been added to this website’s Maintenance Page, on how to detect “Hot Skins” and protect yourselves against this kind of problem.

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