July 17 – 19 – Starved Rock St. Pk.



The Wendorfs hosted the rally.  Six couples came for the weekend.  Three more couples drove in for the Saturday activities.  Friday’s hour was followed by a group dinner and campfire.  Some went to the Lodge to enjoy “Music on the Veranda”.  Saturday morning: Rick and Jill served French toast, sausage, and orange juice.   During the day, we toured the museum in Utica and the Visitor Center at the lock. After Saturday’s happy hour, we had dinner at the Starved Rock Lodge.  It was too hot that evening, so we did not stick around for the music.  We got some rain during the weekend, but that did not dampen our enjoyment.  Sunday morning: the group toured the Starved Rock visitor center to learn of the legend of Starved Rock.

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