July 12th -15th – Rock Cut St. PK. Buddy Rally –


Attending were: Whitesells, Mayos, Kraners, Lanings, John Damisch, Duttons, and Murrays.  Wendorfs drove in for Saturday.

Saturday morning, after the overnight rain stopped, pancakes were cooked on the club grill.  The grill was also used  to cook the Saturday evenings steak potluck dinner.  Saturday afternoon, 7 members participated in fly fishing lessons, but none caught a fish.  Sunday, Marge Kraner caught a 2 pound Catfish and Warren caught at least one good size Bass.  The weather was hot and humid,

Link to the 2018 NIAC July newsletter  :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHHuXboDdQiad7ZGlO1wsA KCzYPna7JF

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