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Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Wilson Fermi
Sixteen members attended our tour of the FermiLab Atomic Research Facility and luncheon at Harner’s Restaurant. The tour was very interesting and quite technical, as we peppered the docent with questions for two hours. To see what you missed Click here for virtual tour

At Harner’s quite a few of us ordered their famous chicken pot pie. New members, Mark Pankow and Brian McFarland, attended. Everyone had a great time.

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Florida Get-Together- Travelers’ Rest- January 26, 2010

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Twenty of our Northern Illinois snowbirds attended the luncheon at Travelers Rest. They shared stories of their adventures of the past year. Two potential members also came.

Airstream revised its product lineup for December Nashville RV Industry show. Llink: click here

January 23 – IBT meeting Proposals Link to the P& L summary for Madison Rally ($103K loss) and the proposed amendments to the Bylaws. click here

Summary Results of 2010 Mid Winter IBT Meeting
Proposal 1 – Name change Greater New Orleans Louisiana Unit – passed
Proposal 2- Accounting transaction to cover the $103,000 loss at Madison. Jerry Larson said, “In 2007 Madison would not book less than 1,200 trailers for $120,000.” Early reservations, in January 2009, showed we could not achieve this number, but the contractual commitments were such that, cancelling the rally would result in even a higher loss than continuing. He blamed the poor attendance on the poor economy. – Passed
Proposal 3- Make the Midwinter IBT Rally an Internationally sponsored rally.- Failed – It will remain a Region or Unit sponsored event.
Proposal 4 – Change Due date for International Rally Financial report – Passed
Proposal 5 – Provide 2 year budget planning – Passed
Proposal 6 – Make Financial statement conform to GAP – Passed
Proposal 7 – Unit Delegates to be appointed by Unit Executive boards – Passed
Proposal 8– cover expense of Incoming treasurer travel to budget meeting – Passed
Proposal 9- Correct Budgeting error – Passed
Proposal 10 – Correct accounting error – Passed
Proposal 11 – Correct accounting error – Passed
Proposal 12 – International Officers’ Expense budget – 25% reduction – Passed
Proposal 13 – Region Officers’ Expense budgets – 10% reduction – Passed
Proposal 14 – Increase member dues – $10 – Passed
Proposal 15 – Outlaw Proportional Voting – Failed
Proposal 16 – Reschedule IBT meetings to be within International Rally Dates – Withdrawn – Referred to the 2020 Committee
Proposal 17 – Marketing Budget – $5K this year, $15K next year – Passed
Proposal 18 – Grievance procedure changes – Passed
Proposal 19 – Grievance Probation Appeal – Failed
Proposal 26 – Reorganization of the Club into 7 Regions and make the International a rotating Region Function lasting one week. It would also remove 3rd International VP. – Rejected by IBT as improperly formatted and too big to tackle at this rally. Needs to be reworded into distinct proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.- Withdrawn and forwarded to 2020 Committee for review and redraft.
None of the proposals that passed require approval at the Delegates’ meeting in June. All Bylaws changes become immediately applicable.

The Grievance committee expelled Leo Garvey from the club.