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October 12 -14 – Fall/Installation Rally – October 12 -14th Amboy, IL

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Eleven trailers came for the weekend and three additional couples drove in Saturday for the Thanksgivings dinner.  New members, LeAnn Spencer and Steve Duke brought their new 2013  28 Ft front bedroom Eddie Bauer, with a  rear hatch.  With the hatch up and the bug screen down, you have  that outdoor dining experience.  You can take down the table and can load kayaks or bikes through the hatch.  The trailer has 16 inch aluminum wheels and wider tires.  It is a really versatile trailer.  They put 4,500 miles on it touring the  Rocky Mountain parks this fall.   Brian and Mark brought their new 25 foot trailer.

The weather wasn’t the best this weekend: cool temperatures, wind and rain.  We were happy to have a warm building for our indoor activities.  Brian McFarland was elected  president for a second year.  Bob Whitesell will be first vice and Dave Mayo was installed as second vice.   Bob Koch will remain as treasurer and Jean DeHahn will be secretary.  Dwight Dixon and Hal Withey were elected directors for two years and Mark Pankow will fill in for Harry Jamison’s second year as director.  Past President, Carol Dixon, performed the installations. Many enjoyed playing Jokers and other indoor activities.