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Coming Home Rally, May 18th -20th, Amboy, IL

Monday, April 16th, 2012
Sunrise at Amboy

Sunrise at Amboy

Nine couples rallied at the  Lee County 4H Fairgrounds north of Amboy.   The weather cooperated.  Friday evening, we attended the open mic. musical entertainment at Franklin Grove.  It was mostly country and western with some Rock and roll thrown in.   Saturday afternoon, we visited the Franklin Grove Car show and toured the Amboy Depot Museum.  Saturday evening’s Italian Potluck dinner had a great variety of dishes.  Once it got a little darker, we used the club’s projector to show  the movie “RV” was shown on the side of a building.  We voted to reject the proposals to allow Non-Airstream  Thor Motor homes to join the club.  We also rejected the Revised Constitution, unless certain revisions were allowed.   If amendments were introduced at the Delegates’ meeting, our delegate was authorized to use his best judgment.   Note: At the Delegates’ meeting,   no amendments were allowed, so the amendment was rejected by the majority of the members.  It was evident that there were not enough votes to pass the SOB motorhome Revision, so it was sent to constitution and bylaws committee for another year of study.  Don Schaffer, chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws committee was an original backer of the proposal, so we will have to fight this battle again next year.

Note: Dwight Dixon and Hal Withey have volunteered to run for directors.  Note: Rachel Toeppen and the Jamisons have sold their trailers.

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