About the Unit

Welcome to the Website! Our local club is a diverse group of 60 family memberships including: working couples, newlyweds, retirees, full timers, as well as members who live out of state. We welcome anyone who owns an Airstream. Our members have a range of Airstreams from Vintage Airstreams and Argosy trailers, to a late model SkyDeck motorhome.  We offer: rallies, unit caravans, off season lunches, and a Christmas party. We camp at state parks and commercial campgrounds, as well as 2 rallies at the Amboy 4H fairgrounds.

Past activities are on the “Events” page. Questions for the Current president via email and phone contact telephone. Click here

We communicate with members via: Unit Newsletters, Broadcast email, Website, and Facebook page. We use Airforums, and their calendar, to reach out to prospective members.

If you want some good traveling companions and interesting activities, come travel with us.  Consider visiting one of our upcoming events. (You don’t have to become a member to attend your first outing.) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, or email an officer.


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