Newsletters Links: Use the links below to view the newsletters, (By using Google’s viewer program,some newsletters will have lower picture quality)  To get better quality, download the Google PDF’s translator program and view them with your own Acrobat Reader.
An easier answer is to simply click on the monthly activities report listed on the right hand column of the main blog page.  That will take you directly to the month you are interested in.  The newsletter link for that month (if issued) will be at the bottom of that entry.

October 2016 Newsletter on Constant Contact : Click here:

June 2016 NIU Newsletter link on Google Drive:  Click here

June 2016 NIU Newsletter link on Constant contact: Click here

March 2016 NIU Newsletter link on Google Drive: Click here

March 2016 Newsletter link on Constant Contact: click here

January 2016 Newsletter Link on Constant Contact.  Click here  Jim Kraner’s first

January 2016 Newsletter on Google Drive.  Click here

October 2015 Newsletter link on Constant Contact  click here  Dave Mayo’s last.

October 2915 Newsletter on Google Drive:  Click here

April 2015 Newsletter/Constant Contact:  Click here

April 2015 Newsletter/ Google Drive:  click here

February 2015 Newsletter/Constant Contact: Click Here

January 2015 Newsletter/ Google Drive : click here

January 2015 Newsletter/Constant Contact: Click here

January 2015 Newsletter/ Google Drive:  click here

September/ October 2014 Newsletter/Constant Contact : Click here

September Newsletter/Google Drive:  click here

June /July 2014 newsletter/Constant Contact :  Click here

July 2014 Newsletter/ Google Drive:  Click here

May 2014 Newsletter/Constant contact Click here 

May 2014 Newsletter/ Google Drive:  click here

April 2014 Newsletter/Constant Contact:  Click here

April 2014 Newsletter/Google Drive:  click here

March 2014 Newsletter/Constant Contact:  click here

March 2014 Newsletter/Google Drive:  click here

February 2014 Newsletter/ Constant Contact: click here

Jan. 2014 Newsletter:  click here: (Bob Whitesell’s first, written by Dave Mayo)

Spring 2012 Newsletter Click here  Brian’s last

November 2011 Newsletter – Click here (Brian McFarland’s first )

September 2010 Newsletter link – : click here (Last one for Carol Dixon)

August 2010 Newsletter: click here

July 2010 Newsletter:click here

March 2010 Newsletter: click here

January 2010 Newsletter link: click here

October – November 2009 newsletter – click here. (Carol Dixon’s first)

August- September 2009 newsletter-– click here (last one for Norm White, and Martha Clark)

June-July 2009 issue – – click here

April – May 2009 issue – – click here

Feb. – Mar. 2009 issue – – click here

Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009 issue – – click here

Oct.- Nov, 2008 newsletter – click here  (first one for Norm White)

Aug. – Sept. 2008 issue – click here (last one for Bob Whitesell)

June – July 2008 issue – click here

April- May 2008 issue – click here

Feb. – Mar. 2008 issue – click here

Dec. 2007 – Jan. 2008 issue – click here (Bob’s first) Martha Clark writer/editor

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