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Safety Recall Airstream Trailer Disk brake lines

Sunday, November 18th, 2012
Please click on the following NHTSA Campaign ID links to view the recall information.
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 12V532   (Click on the blue numbers)
Manufacturer : AIRSTREAM, INC.
Make / Model Years : AIRSTREAM / 2006-2009
Subject : The Hydraulic Brake Hose may Fail due to Flexing
Airstream dealers will inspect and replace hydraulic brake  hoses on all disk brake equipped 2006 to 2009 trailers.  Original hoses fail due to flex fatigue or contact with the underside of the trailer on rough roads. The original hoses kinked by the caliper.  New hoses have a 90 degree elbow at caliper end.   This is a dealer only repair fix. You can sign up for free recall email notices for specified manufacturers by going to