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July 14 to 17th—Lake- Le-Aqua-Na State Park

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


Eleven couples attended.  Weather, food, and conversations were good.  We learned a little about brewing at our tour of Lena Brewery.   Sat. dinner was at the Rafters Restaurant.  The club grill was put to good use for Sat. breakfast and Fri. evening grilling.  Peter Schwarz’s photos on the NIU FaceBook page: Click here

Lewisburg, WV International June 23- July 4th

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


Five NIU couples attended.  670 rigs attended the rally on the WV State Fairgrounds, on high ground.   The area is picturesque rolling Appalachian hill and valley country.  Despite the torrential rain and flash flooding, the International proceeded almost normally.   Many members toured the area and attractions which remained open.  Due to the flooding, some tours had to be canceled.  The club and attendees contributed $40,000 for local flood relief.

Gardners and Dixons were parked on a crushed stone parking area, which was only minorly affected by the 10 inches of rain in 4 hours.  (We are in the middle of this picture.)  Campsites on grass became soft.  We lost power and water for 24 hours and had a boil water order in effect for 3 days.

The IBT approved a new club logo design adding the words “Rallies” and “Airstream”, reflecting the dual nature of the club (touring and social) and the exclusive relationship with Airstream products, and dropped the word “International”. The first European Chapter was celebrated.

NIU attendees: Carligs, Dixons, Gardners, Schwarzs, and Stuarts  (Norma performed a featured Oboe solo with the WBCCI Band.)

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