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Caravan to SugarCreek -Swiss Festival Sept. 19 – 23

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

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Caravan Writeup

September 19, 2010 – Sunday
The five northern Illinois Caravanering couples and two couples from other units left the DuQuion Rally shortly after the closing ceremonies and preceded to the Hill Top Campground in Graysville, IL. Hill top accurately describes this campground. The accent to the campground was a one lane gravel cover road up the side of a hill. A number of us spun our wheels throwing gravel, to get to the top of this densely wooded hill. We were thankful that there were no Class A motorhomes or 34 footers in our group of 7 experienced campers. They may not have made it. We found some level ground and 30 amp service. The only other people in the small park were the campground hosts. Most of the businesses and the only good restaurant in town were closed this Sunday afternoon and evening, but the church parking lot must have had 200 cars. We had some munchies from our trailers and reviewed the maps for tomorrow. We all decided to eat dinner from what we had in our trailers

We spent two nights at the campground South of Cicinnati. Cincinnati is an old river town that has seen major updating, but is still limited by high bluffs surrounding the smaller river valley and the tributaries that come together at that point in the Ohio River. We saw a really nice botanical conservatory from the 1930’s and a superb art gallery with world class displays. We were delayed in leaving by a major truck accident on the Interstate freeway.

We spend one night at the Airestream factory We had a nice tour of the factory. They seem very busy and are hiring back a few workers to add to the 400 they currently employ. There are Mercedes dual wheel Fed EX type delivery vans parked in the lot ready to be converted into $120K Interstates. This year, the Interstate will be a full ton vehicle with turbo. Airstream pays $55K for the chassis and feel they do not want to offer a cheaper version. There are also a goodly number of Chevy Vans in the lot waiting to be converted into smaller Bvans. There was a finished one at the end of the lot but it was moved by the time we finished the tour, so we could not get a look at it. They say the new small Sport model trailer is selling well. The more modern shinny aluminum interiors are selling better than the classic mouse felt interiors. The rear door 27’s are also hot sellers. The Terra port was almost completely filled when we got there at noon. and late arrivers had to park on the grass with no services. We double parked a Bvan into one of our slots. Appointments for service are not available till mid October. Thw next night, after a 170 mile run over some good freeways and some curly but good country roads, we parked at Kandel’s campground close to SugarCreek and were joined by another couple of trailers who wanted to early park with us. We convoyed the last 7 miles into Winklepleck Grove park Friday morning trailing 15 trailers.

Region 5 Rally in DuQuoin Sept. 14 -18th

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Region 5 President Louise Humble had an interesting western theme for her rally. They built a western “shoot out” saloon in the friendship area and the big hall was decorated with a large Airstream sculpture coming out of a target. Nightly entertainment was lively and was well received. Fourteen Northern Illinois memberships attended the rally. Weather was very good and we had 84 units from Regions 5, 8, 9, and 7 in attendance. International President, Norm Bue and his wife attended. Dwight gave a presentation on Tuesday at the computerfest about communications methods used by all levels within the club to communicate to our members. It highlighted the usage of computers, internet, websites, phone trees, as well as hard copy newsletters, to reach all members in a timely and cost effective manner. The presentation started with the newer methods in use by Northern Illinois generate the website and the newsletters. It also included new person to person communications methods using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) techniques and the new services being introduced by various competitors. It was well received. Reprints of the handouts are available on request.

We had good food, local tours, and entertainment. A variety of games and competitions were held. Backing up a trailer (kid’s wagon) through an obstacle course, while blindfolded and being instructed my their mate, demonstrated the mutual understanding and trust between the pairs.

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