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Fall/Thanksgiving/Installation Rally – Oct. 17 – 19 Amboy Fairgrounds

Sunday, September 21st, 2014


We had a fine fall weekend.  Ten family memberships brought their Units to celebrate Thanksgiving and Elect/Install our new officers. Saturday, we had two families drive in to visit and enjoy a meal.  Friday night, most of us attended the open mic. entertainment at the Lincoln Highways Museum in Franklin Grove. The Saturday morning business meeting elected our new officers.    Dave Mayo, our new president, presented next year’s schedule of activities. (See the Event/Rally schedule page)  Dwight detailed the causes of the “Electrocution by Airstream” that occurred June 30th this year at Amboy. He reviewed grounding procedures necessary to prevent re-occurrence and demonstrated the club’s newly purchased device to detect “hot skins”. Membership Chairman reported the International and NIU website signed up 8 new NIU members this year. Goykes, Morrisons, and Bonnie Nester have their motorhomes for sale.  Saturday our delicious  dinner had three turkeys and many side dishes supplied by our members.  Surrounding farmers were busy bringing in the harvests.   Weather was brisk. Saturday evening the temperature dropped to 29F.  Many of our retired members will be leaving for the south soon and our working members will have to winterize their units and put them away.

A number of members took pictures with their cell phones and posted them to the NIU FaceBook Wall.  Here is the link.  Click her

Link to September/ October 2014 Newsletter  on newsletter page.