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Michelin 16 in. Tire Recall

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
Michelin is recalling 1.2 million LTX M/S tires, size LT225/75R16 115/112R LRE, manufactured from January 10, 2010, through June 23, 2012, and supplied for use as original equipment on certain Ford vehicles, and as replacement on light trucks, full-sized heavy duty vans, small RVs and some large pickup trucks. These tires could experience tread separation.

Registered owners should receive a notice after January 6, 2014.  Michelin will replace all tires made within those dates.  If you  do not remember when you put the 16 in. radials on your vehicle, read the date on your tires.

For more information, use this link to the NHTSA website:

Safety Recall Airstream Trailer Disk brake lines

Sunday, November 18th, 2012
Please click on the following NHTSA Campaign ID links to view the recall information.
NHTSA Campaign ID Number : 12V532   (Click on the blue numbers)
Manufacturer : AIRSTREAM, INC.
Make / Model Years : AIRSTREAM / 2006-2009
Subject : The Hydraulic Brake Hose may Fail due to Flexing
Airstream dealers will inspect and replace hydraulic brake  hoses on all disk brake equipped 2006 to 2009 trailers.  Original hoses fail due to flex fatigue or contact with the underside of the trailer on rough roads. The original hoses kinked by the caliper.  New hoses have a 90 degree elbow at caliper end.   This is a dealer only repair fix. You can sign up for free recall email notices for specified manufacturers by going to

Expanded Dometic Refrigerator Recall

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Dometic recently expanded the recall on its two-door refrigerators. The original recall included some of the two-door refrigerators manufactured between April 1997 and May 2003. The new recall focuses on models manufactured between June 2003 and September 2006. If your year of manufacture is within these ranges, go to the Dometic site to check to see if it applies to your unit. Here is the site address:

Recall of Tire Valves – Beware

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Six million Dill Air Control Products (Chinese made by one co-owned plant) rubber tire valves have been recalled but they have no idea where the valves are. The rubber compound did not contain the proper ozone resistant ingredient and fail when cracks form, allowing the tires to sometimes deflate rapidly. There are no easily identified manufacturer’s marks or lot numbers on the visible outside of the valve, so all you can do is look for the start of smaller cracks on the outside of the valve, usually close to the base of the valve. (The manufacturer’s name can only be seen, if the tire is taken off the wheel.) If you see cracks, or have a tire which loses air repeatedly, replace the valves immediately. At a slightly higher cost, some people are recommending that we use the metal valve stems for our high pressure trailer tires. Update: Per the feds,  There may be up to 30,000,000 defective valve stems out there.

We had two valve failures, and resultant blowouts, on our Arizona trip in 2015. We replaced all 6 tires and valve stems.

GM trailer hitches – Safety Warning Recall

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

A couple of years ago this came up and the GM hitches at the rally were inspected.  We now have some new members and people have put some miles on their rigs.  It might be time to get down under and check them again.  Always hitch your brake activating lanyard to the bumper not the hitch.

NHTSA Action Number: PE07025 Make/Models: Model/Build Years: Chevrolet/Avalanche 2500 2002 Chevrolet/Silverado 2500 2002 Chevrolet/Suburban 2500 2002 GMC/Sierra 2500 2002 GMC/Sierra 2500 HD 2002 GMC/Yukon XL 2500 2002 Manufacturer: General Motors Corp. Component: Trailer HitchesSummary:ODI has received four consumer complaints alleging the factory installed (OEM) trailer hitch receiver failed. Two owner reports allege bending/deformation of the pin box area while towing. One owner report alleges welds failed around the pin box area and another report alleges complete weld failure of the pin box leading to a full separation of the trailer from the tow vehicle. In this last report, the trailer safety chain and emergency brakes were not activated as both safety features were still attached to the two openings in the pin box that broke off with the trailer. No crash or injury resulted as the vehicle and trailer were maneuvering in a storage lot. An investigation is being opened for further assessment and study of this issue.For more information, owners may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327– 4236 or visit