Caravan Courtesies

  1. Show courtesy and consideration to all, to enhance goodwill within WBCCI.
  2. Dispose of all rubbish properly.
  3. Dispose of gray-water as allowed by the campground or local ordinances.
  4. Be considerate to committee workers. They are volunteers.  They are trying to help you.
  5. Keep pets under control at all times. Clean up after them.  Pets are not allowed in some buildings.
  6. Do not run generators during quiet hours (Usually 9:30 PM to 9:00 AM).  Run generators only in generator section parking.
  7. Wear name badges when at activities or on caravans. ( Some of us can not remember your name.  Badges also raise awareness of WBCCI to locals.)
  8.  For the general betterment of the club, make your desires known to officers, so they can benefit of your ideas.
  9. Keeps the area around trailer/motorhome
    uncluttered.  (Things laying on the ground can be a trip hazard at night).
  10. Do not hang clothing and laundry on the outside of the trailer on ropes or wires. (They can be a choke hazard at night).
  11. Advise neighboring trailers/motorhome, if you intent to disconnect water or power.
  12. Protect others’ water supply, by keeping hoses out of the dirt.
  13. Bring a fair share to the potlucks.  Bring generous portions for the dinners, for we are one big family.
  14. Get acquainted with new members and make them welcome.
  15. Be considerate, turn off cell phones and do not smoking during formal indoor meetings.

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