Welcome new members to Northern Illinois Airstream Club.  We hope that your membership makes your RV experiences happier and richer.

To help prevent any misunderstandings, here are a few of the common practices and suggestions, which NIAC has evolved over time.

Let host/leader know you’re coming at least several days ahead of time, so they can plan for the proper amount of food. Wear your badges, for the benefit of those who cannot always remember your names. Meal times are usually closely observed. Check the bulletin board for revisions.

After the number of attendees is known on Friday evening, the treasurer calculates rally fees. If you are supplying food items, (other than potluck or “dishes to pass”) submit your food bills early the first evening.  Rally fees are calculated to cover the cost of  providing the rally and apportion, as equitably as possible, to those attending.  For some meals, there will be a lesser charge for children. For drive-ins: there will be a per meal fee. Weekend rally fees at Amboy have been averaging about $50 per couple to cover: Lee County Fair Board per unit parking fee, $200 hall rental charge, $150 average charge for gas and electric, plus food and door prizes. Rally fees are to be paid on Saturday morning.

Bring your own dishes and utensils to meals. Because of the large variety of “dishes to pass” and the weakness of most paper plates, plastic or rigid dishes are advisable. If a evening ice cream treat is served, plastic dishes will be provided.

Due to limited 15 AMP electricity at Amboy, do not use your air conditioners or electric for your refrigerator. Turn your refrigerator to the gas setting or pull the electrical plug in the back, so it will transfer to gas power.

Per International’s rules, business meetings will be conducted following Robert’s Rules of Order.  If you want to add a discussion topic to the meeting, make it known to the president at the beginning of the rally, so it can be added to the meeting agenda.

Only members, who bring an RV, pay rally fees, and are present at the time of the drawing, are eligible for the door prizes.

Due to Amboy Fairgrounds rules:  Pets are to be kept on a leash and are not allowed in the Amboy buildings.

Due to Fairground rules: No open, conspicuous consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed.

If parked in close formation with non-generator units, do not use your generator after 10:00 PM.

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