Caravan Equipment List

Equipment to carry on a caravan:

  • Electrical equipment:
    • One or more 50 ft. 3-wire cord, 10 or 12 gauge, (10 gauge preferred)
    • 15 to 30 amp adapter (if boondocking)
    • dog bone -50 to 30 amp adapter (some commercial campsites offer only 50 amp. outlets)
    • Extra fuses for trailer/motorhome
    • Three prong four way adapter for branching extension cords. 
  • Sanitary (Black) waste:
    • 4-ft. sewer hose
    • optional- 8- to 10-ft. sewer hose.
  • Waste (gray) water disposal equipment:
    • “Green” wash water hose 3/4″ dia. x 15′ with male fitting cut off,
    •  optional -Waste water holding container (BlueBoy) with vent tube (NO OPEN CONTAINERS).
  • Drinking water supply equipment:
    • 2 (or more) “White” drinking water hoses  5/8″ x 25 ft.
    • 1 (or more) full flow “Y’s”(without valves)
    •  valve for trailer side of Y.   If you are going to be away for quite awhile,turn off the water to your trailer,.
    •  water pressure regulator (if none built-in) Put before hose leading to trailer.
    •  5 gallon water can or clean bucket and funnel (to fill water tank if there is no pressurized water supply).
  • Other equipment:
    • blocks or wedges for leveling, wheel chocks
    • shovel
    • light crowbar
    • set of road warning reflectors or beacons, Fire extinguisher
    • (optional) -3’x 5′ U.S. Flag and WBCCI Flag
  • Medical Equipment  –  Medical records and prescriptions with instructions.
  • Recreational Equipment– (optional)Walking staff or cane for hiking, Bikes for International or trails. Lawn games

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